Russian “Champion Of Hairstyling” Creates Incredible Formal Hairdos

You’ve got a very important and very formal event coming up? And after solving one extremely difficult problem (what on earth are you going to wear?!), you are now faced with yet another challenge: what on earth are you going to do with your hair? Time is running out quickly and you’re yet to make a decision. You could leave that choice in the hands of your stylist and let them do whatever they want with your hair. But are you sure you want to relinquish control on this vital matter? No, right?

So what’s the alternative? Well, browsing the Internet for ideas, of course! And we have quite a few stunning ones for you right here! Instagram’s Farrukh Shamuratov, aka @fshairdo, the self-proclaimed “champion of hairstyling in Russia n’ Europe”, is a true artist when it comes to shaping hair!

Everything is coming up roses

So elaborate and gorgeous!

Elegance in simplicity

Yup, now we’re all in love with asymmetrical lines!

What do you think of Farrukh’s skill? Which one of these hairdos is your favorite? We can’t wait to hear from you!

Source: Fshairdo