This Is Perfect For A Warm Summer Day

Little compares to the serene feeling of laying on a soft patch of grass on a warm sunny day. Add a good book, cold drink and some company, and the experience may be even better. Personally I can spend the whole day out laying in the grass especially if I have a good friend – and a comfortable pillow – with me.

Don’t you just wish you could bring that experience home? Say, to your own yard? For those of us who don’t have a ton of garden space, here’s a brilliant hack that will really pimp up your yard. Yes, it takes some work, but if you have the right kind of yard for this, I can’t think of why it isn’t worth it. Take a look for yourself below.

Jason Hodges from the Better Homes and Gardens show has a very neat idea that shows that even in the barest space you can still have a grassy bed, perfect for a backyard picnic or a an afternoon nap.

Just take a look at the before and after images of how he transformed this boring concrete space into a gorgeous green oasis to laze in on a warm day:



Here’s how he did it: