The New ‘NeoLucida XL’ Next Generation Camera Lucida Makes it Easier to Trace What You See


The NeoLucida is a modern reinterpretation of the camera lucida, a 19th century optical drawing aid that superimposes an image of your subject onto your paper. Artist and SAIC professor Pablo Garcia (previously) has added an update to his previous take on the two century old Camera Lucida, effectively giving you a live stencil.

Very easy to use and helpful for the new artists that find it really hard to draw objects. They just need to put the object they want to draw up front the camera lucida, and the system is very suitable for a comfortable drawing.

As a new version of camera lucida, NeoLucida XL showed very good results because of its reflection of the subject and its extra large viewfinder, to make drawing from life just a bit easier. The prism inside the updated analog device re

mains the same size, while the larger mirror and glass make it much easier to draw the projected “ghost image.”

Most people had never heard of a camera lucida; they just wanted to draw and the NeoLucida gave them an entry point.  There are now over 25,000 NeoLucidas helping people in 90 countries draw from real life. Thus, no matter your skill level, the NeoLucida XL helps you make more accurate drawings. Proportion—the relationships between elements of your subject—and perspective—accurate rendering of space—are laid out for you in the ghost image.

Let’s get drawing!