Natural Ways To Detox Daily

We often partake in the occasional (or more frequent) indulgences life has to offer and what we do in the morning sets the tone for the whole day. “Detox” has a way of sounding like a daunting task. But, it’s an essential part of owning a human body: unhealthy things come in (despite our best efforts), so in order for us to stay healthy, they have to go out.

But what does detox mean? – Detoxing basic goals are: to remove “harmful” things from your body. Sometimes, they aim to target a specific organ like the liver or colon, and supposedly, detoxing makes you feel better. There’s no specific definition of a detox or cleanse, but they often involve limiting your food intake to pressed juice, avoiding specific types of food, or drinking a concoction of juices that supposedly rids your body of toxins. This way we free up our organs, systems and mind to better deal with the day-to-day.

These are the ways to detox daily

Get up on time

Running late or feeling rushed in the morning only adds to anxiety and fatigue. So get out of bed and start your day, stop pressing that snooze button

Drink water

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Not only does drinking enough water mean you’re flushing out toxins on the regular, it means your skin will stay healthy, you’ll sleep better and you might even notice that headaches, muscle cramping, digestive issues, and aches and pains subside substantially. You can also mix water with various delicious fruits that make it more tasty and even more beneficial, like: lemon, cucumber, blueberries, mint leaves etc.


Breathe deeply

Conscious deep breathing can help reset your nervous system, leading you to feel calmer and to get some of that nervous or anxious energy out of your body. Inhale slowly through your nose, and hold the breath for seven seconds (or as long as is comfortable for you). Then exhale slowly through your mouth. Repeat five times. 

Dry-brush your skin

Dry skin brushing improves lymphatic drainage, reduces cellulite, promotes digestion and supports detoxification. Buy a skin brush or simply use a dry towel. Gently brush in a circular motion, always moving from the extremities towards the heart, thereby improving blood flow to the heart. Use counter-clockwise strokes on your belly to improve detoxification.


Get Moving

Physical activities in the morning help the body to be healthier. Either walking the dog, going to the nearest drugstore or simply doing short exercises commit to getting your heart rate up and your body moving in the morning. Also sweating releases toxins from the body, and regular exercise gets the blood moving and is essential for a healthy metabolism.


Get enough sleep

Sleep is essential to a healthy, functioning body. It’s when we reset our brain, repair cells and flush out toxins from our liver and kidneys (there’s a reason you have to pee first thing in the morning!). Awakening well-rested will also encourage you to eat healthier, be more active and have a better mood.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayruveda holistic dental care method that involves nothing more than swishing cold-pressed oil in your mouth for a certain amount of time. The idea is that swishing with the oil helps “pull” toxins from your system as you pull the oil through your teeth and gums. The oils typically used are coconut, olive or sesame oil.

 Oil pulling regimen

  • Place 1-3 teaspoons oil in your mouth.
  • Swish and “pull” the oil around the inside of your cheeks and in between your teeth.
  • Continue for 5-20 minutes.