Incredible Before And After Pictures Of People Who Quit Drinking For Good

Feeling and looking healthier is far better than boozing All-Encompassing Problem


In the first photograph, I found myself alone, nearly 300 lbs, in an extraordinary amount of credit card debt (nearly $20,000) and without a job, and, thankfully, at the tail end of a six-year-long bender of drinking a fifth every day while often contemplating suicide, supporting my fellow alcoholic and abusive partner with just my below-poverty-line income, and fighting to complete my PhD. (dr_dan_is_sober)


I would like to give a shout out to FAVOR which has provided me with invaluable guidance on my journey. FAVOR is a national movement that supports multiple pathways to recovery. (size16french)


For clarification these photos are about seven months apart.

I was 225 when I quit and lost 30 pounds within the first month. I have lost an additional 10 since then.

I had an abscessed tooth which is what is causing the severe cheek action you see in the left photo. It was stuff like that which I would not take care of and hold off until the pain was unbearable.

For anyone in a similar position just please reach out for help. It is available in some form and don’t feel ashamed. (ghostbackwards)


Hopefully this helps anyone looking to quit drinking. I promise you won’t regret it. Just remember one day at a time. (matteo)


I will say, one of my biggest reasons for getting sober was trying to improve my physical fitness. I was sick and tired of hating how I felt in my own body. I hated never wanting to do anything on my days off but drink and mope around the apartment. (soberapok)


When I think about drinking I still look at these. Quitting isn’t easy but the little benefits are nice like not having a gross bloated face and yellow eyes. (porchlightmoon)


Approximately six months ago, I stumbled across an article about unwittingly becoming an alcoholic on The Onion, and I had a good laugh. I then realized, however, that the only thing separating me from this future was an unfounded sense of invincibility and the passage of time. Moreover, alcohol wasn’t exactly enhancing my life; it makes you gain weight, damages your liver, is expensive, and in my particular case, gave me early-onset jowls. (sobriety_throwaway)


January 6, 2016, I put down the vodka bottle and January 11 I checked myself into rehab. Eight-and-a-half months sober now and 35 pounds lighter. I feel like myself again.


Just thought I’d post a before-and-after photo. Left is me, a few months ago (why the hell did I always order two drinks at a time, what a psycho), and right is like, maybe an hour ago, modeling in front of my $7.99 fan from the bodega. (caudebac)


One year ago, I got in a fight with myself and I lost. When I woke up (on the floor) the next morning, I knew that was it. I was done. I would never have a guilt-free drink again. (I_need_new_shoes)


Year three in college I was getting fatter with less hair. I started getting bad anxiety and depression. The photo on the right is me one-and-a-half years sober. (luscrib89)


Today I feel like a completely different person. Today I am still a work-in-progress and a dash of a hot mess, but I am a million times happier. I found my self-worth, I found some confidence, and I found people that really honestly care about me. (redheadedriot)

Did you realize that alcohol could change your body so much? Let us know if you plan on going sober in the comments and share this story!