Illustrations What Women Are Really Like When They’re Alone

My favorite part of the day is when I walk into my home after a long day of work, remove my bra, and flop down on my bed.

It’s not that I don’t like wearing bras but it is freeing and I feel like the day’s work is over.

However, it is very much a feminist issue because society still tries to control the way women act in all aspects of their lives.

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A person’s home is where they go to hide from the rest of the world that criticized and judges them every moment of every day they spend in it. It’s where a person can be free enough to truly be the person they are deep inside. But even in a safe place like that, it’s not easy for some to just let go and bask in the joy of being completely alone. Remember when Phoebe tells Rachel that being nude when you’re home alone is amazing she decides to try it out? It’s sort of like that.

I thought I’d give that a shot but the things did not go well. I was constantly on edge because I kept thinking people would spot me through the gap in my windows drapes. This made me uncomfortable because it was like my vulnerability had increased even though no one else was around. This leads me to wonder if we’d ever been able to find the absolute freedom required to fulfill all the desires we have without allowing our biases to get in the way.

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When I came across these sensual illustrations, I felt like I came one step closer to finding that freedom we’re all looking for. The artist’s name is given as Flupieland but besides that, there’s not a lot of info about her on the internet. But you can find plenty of her work and it will definitely make you see things differently, especially about what you can do when you are completely alone. It can be something as simple as taking off all your clothes and chilling when you’re home to taking the time to explore your deepest sexual desires. There are so many things you can find out about yourself when you’re alone.

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Her artworks are honest portrayals of women. While the nudity and sexuality in them can make them seem like they’re playing into men’s fantasies about what women do when they’re alone or with other women, their true nature lies in the faces of the women portrayed. They’re not just content; they’re meditating, saddened, playing, calm, brave, and more. Their expressions make them seem real and make you feel like you can relate to them.

Here are 18 sensual illustrations that show what women do when they are alone.