Amazing Staircases By Jop van Driel

In the little township of Lienden (Betuwe, Netherlands) Jop van Driel has a very rare business: the building of exclusive staircases. These are tailor made special stairs provided with artistic carving. Jop van Driel, then, actually is a born sculptor.

“My company Trapart is a stairs building studio. I started with my father in his stairs building company. Sweeping the wood-shavings, sanding the rungs. They who start doing the simple jobs will later on become craftsmen. Over 5 years ago I started mine own company. Now I am working on orders in my studio in Lienden, together with my partner and students.”

“I am an artisan and craftsman who will consider very much the client’s desires. The client’s thought pattern is translated into a staircase which will satisfy from technical, esthetical and artistic angles.”

“My daily work is modelling with wood. When I make something I am aware of the resistance of the wood. The wood does not want to be or to be shaped like I have borne in mind how it should be. A tree wants to be a tree and not a staircase or a statue. Every day I am busy ‘taming’ the wood just like a horse (in its heart a horse doesn’t want to be tamed). When you have been working with a natural material as long as I’ve been doing it and recognize its unbelievable beauty, you just can’t help getting tremendously much awe for nature.

The few leisure hours I have I use to make free shape work. During my whole life I have been fascinated and busy shaping organic lines. But also life and its transitoriness. This branch is a result of ideas I have been working with in my mind for a long time. This is the first image which in some way approaches the creations of what I eventually like to make.”














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