10+ People who Needlessly Deserves A Crown for their Smartness

There are certain people in the world who leave their footprints behind for the rest of the world. Then, there is most of the human population which fades away in the background. However, while surfing the internet you will stumble upon certain people who just refuse to give up. They are so eager to leave a mark on the human history, it’s amazing.

They succeed in their goal to do so or not is still a mystery but they did end up in this compilation. These people deserve a medal for what they did.

1. Have you ever seen a meal which evokes such appetite?


2. That’s pretty smart if you ask me. But you are not asking me so okay.


3. “How to clean the dishes in the shortest time possible.”

4. Sounds like something we all should start doing.

5. We really need to go to 3017 ASAP.

6. In case, you need a bouquet.


7. Keeping the mug secure in place.


8. Why are we so backward, anyway?

10. The level of camouflage in this picture is spectacular.

11. Just like everything else in life.


12. Someone might have a lot of laundry.


13. The dinner is almost ready.


14. The kind of DIY we all need in our life


15. You will get as many stitches as you want.


16. Nothing is broken until you say its broken.